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TRAINING CALENDAR 2019 (As on 14-3-19)

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TRAINING CALENDAR 2019 (As on 14-3-19)
Sr. No.Course No.Course NameDurationNo. of GOsCDStarting DateEnding DateRemarks
Advance Management Programmes 
1AMP 01/19Advance Management Program2 weeks35SPMM7-Jan-1918-Jan-19 
2AMP 02/19Advance Management Program2 weeks35SPMgt22-Apr-193-May-19 
3AMP 03/19Advance Management Program2 weeks35SPFI13-May-1924-May-19 
4AMP 04/19Advance Management Program2 weeks35SPOB15-Jul-1926-Jul-19 
5AMP 05/19Advance Management Program 2 weeks35SPST19-Aug-1930-Aug-19 
6AMP 06/19Advance Management Program 2 weeks35SPTM3-Sep-1913-Sep-19 
7AMP 07/19Advance Management Program2 weeks35SPCE4-Nov-1915-Nov-19 
StrategicManagement Programmes 
8SMP 01/19Chairman Series II of 20194 days44SPME/PIT27-Feb-192-Mar-19Newly added
9SMP 02/19Strategic Management Programme for DRMs1 week20SPMM15-Apr-1918-Apr-19 
10SMP 03/19Strategic Management Programme for DRMs1 week20SPOB18-Nov-1922-Nov-19 
Management Development Programmes 
11MDP 17/18Management Development Program2 weeks30SPST24-Dec-184-Jan-19 
12MDP 01/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPTM5-Mar-1922-Mar-19 
13MDP 02/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPST25-Mar-1912-Apr-19 
14MDP 03/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPFI1-Apr-1918-Apr-19CD Changed
15MDP 04/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPOB22-Apr-1910-May-19 
16MDP 05/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPMM20-May-197-Jun-19 
17MDP 06/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPME3-Jun-1921-Jun-19 
18MDP 07/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPMgt10-Jun-1928-Jun-19CD Changed
19MDP 08/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPST24-Jun-1912-Jul-19 
20MDP 09/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPTM29-Jul-1916-Aug-19 
21MDP 10/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPCE16-Sep-194-Oct-19 
22MDP 11/19Management Development Program3 weeks30SPOB30-Sep-1918-Oct-19 
23MDP 12/19Management Development Program 3 weeks30PNM25-Nov-1913-Dec-19 
Group A Foundation Programmes 
24AFP 06/18Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPOB10 weeks64SPFI17-Dec-1822-Feb-19 
25AFP 07/18Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPOB10 weeks64PMS17-Dec-1822-Feb-19 
26AFP 08/18Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPOB10 weeks64PNM17-Dec-1822-Feb-19 
27AFP 01/19Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPME10 weeks70PIT15-Jul-1920-Sep-19 
28AFP 02/19Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPME10 weeks70PEE15-Jul-1920-Sep-19 
29AFP 03/19Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPME10 weeks70PMS15-Jul-1920-Sep-19 
30AFP 04/19Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPFM10 weeks64SPFI16-Dec-1921-Feb-20 
31AFP 05/19Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPFM10 weeks64PNM16-Dec-1921-Feb-20 
32AFP 06/19Gr. A Foundation Program - CCD SPFM10 weeks64PEE16-Dec-1921-Feb-20 
Group A Foundation Programmes for Medical Probationers 
33AFP 09/18Gr. A Foundation Program (Medical) -CCD SPOB5 weeks80PHM17-Dec-1818-Jan-19 
34AFP Med 01/19Gr. A Foundation Program (Medical) 5 weeks60PHM25-Mar-1926-Apr-19 
35AFP Med 02/19Gr. A Foundation Program (Medical) - CCD SPFM5 weeks80PHM16-Dec-1917-Jan-20 
Group A Induction Programmes 
36AIP 01/19Gr. A Induction Program - CCD SPCE4 weeks40SPME8-Apr-193-May-19 
37AIP 02/19Gr. A Induction Program - CCD SPCE4 weeks40PIT8-Apr-193-May-19 
38AIP 03/19Gr. A Induction Program - CCD SPST4 weeks70SPTM4-Nov-1929-Nov-19 
39AIP 04/19Gr. A Induction Program - CCD SPST4 weeks70SPMgt4-Nov-1929-Nov-19 
40AIP 05/19Gr. A Induction Program - CCD SPST4 weeks70PEE4-Nov-1929-Nov-19 
Group A Induction Programmes for Medical Probationers 
41AIP Med 01/19Gr. A Induction Program (Medical)2 weeks80PHM4-Feb-1915-Feb-19 
42AIP Med 02/19Gr. A Induction Program (Medical)2 weeks74PHM25-Feb-198-Mar-19 
43AIP Med 03/19Gr. A Induction Program (Medical)2 weeks80PHM11-Mar-1922-Mar-19 
44AIP Med 04/19Gr. A Induction Program (Medical)2 weeks60PHM17-Jun-1928-Jun-19 
Centralised Training for IRAS (P) 
45IRAS 2017Phase Trg. Books and Budget2 weeks26PAM25-Feb-198-Mar-19 
46IRAS 2017Phase Trg. General Expenditure Acs.2 weeks26PAM11-Mar-1922-Mar-19 
47IRAS 2016Final Departmental Examination2 weeks21PAM6-May-1917-May-19 
48IRAS 2016Final Project Presentation, Viva-Voce & Valedictory1 week21PAM27-May-1931-May-19 
49IRAS 2017Phase Trg. Workshop & Stores Acs.2 weeks26PAM24-Jun-195-Jul-19 
50IRAS 2017Phase Trg. Traffic Accounts2 weeks26PAM9-Oct-1918-Oct-19 
Centralised Training for IRPS (P) 
51IRPS 2016Capsule on Reservation & GOI Policy for persons with disabilities1 week11PRM11-Feb-1915-Feb-19 
52IRPS 2016D&AR Rules & Disciplinary Procedures1 week11PRM18-Feb-1922-Feb-19 
53IRPS 2017Phase I Professional Training4 weeks10PRM11-Mar-195-Apr-19 
54IRPS 2016Capsule on Selection1 week11PRM25-Mar-1929-Mar-19 
55IRPS 2016Capsule on Legal Management1 week11PRM1-Apr-195-Apr-19 
56IRPS 2016Trainign Review & Posting Written Exam1 week11PRM8-Apr-1912-Apr-19 
57IRPS 2017Phase II Professional Training4 weeks10PRM13-May-197-Jun-19 
58IRPS 2016Project Presentation/ Viva Voce/Relieving1 week11PRM3-Jun-197-Jun-19 
59IRPS 2017Capsule on Selection1 week10PRM14-Oct-1918-Oct-19 
60IRPS 2017Capsule on Legal Management1 week10PRM21-Oct-1925-Oct-19 
Centralised Training of IRSS (P) 
61IRSS 2016Posting exam and Viva voce1 week26PIM7-Jan-1911-Jan-19 
62IRSS 2017Phase 1 : Purchase Module1 week24PIM21-Jan-1925-Jan-19 
63IRSS 2016Posting exam and relieving formalities3 days26PIM23-Jan-1925-Jan-19 
64IRSS 2017Phase 1: Depot Module1 week24PIM11-Feb-1915-Feb-19 
65IRSS 2017Class Room / Field Training2 days24PIM28-Feb-191-Mar-19Newly added
66IRSS 2017Phase 1: Stores, Accounts/ Imports1 week24PIM5-Mar-198-Mar-19 
67IRSS 2017Phase 1 : Staff matters & Law1 week24PIM11-Mar-1915-Mar-19 
68IRSS 2017Phase 1 :Exams/ Project allotment1 week24PIM8-Apr-1912-Apr-19 
69IRSS 2017Phase 2 : Project Review1 week24PIM8-Jul-1912-Jul-19 
70IRSS 2018Joining formalities1 week25PIM8-Jul-1912-Jul-19 
71IRSS 2018Phase 1 - Depot Module2 weeks25PIM23-Sep-194-Oct-19 
72IRSS 2018Phase 1 : Purchase Module1 week25PIM4-Nov-198-Nov-19 
73IRSS 2017Phase 2 : Project Review1 week24PIM9-Dec-1913-Dec-19 
74IRSS 2018Phase 1 : Accounts Module2 weeks25PIM9-Dec-1920-Dec-19 
Group B Foundation Programmes 
75BFP 01/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50PPM18-Feb-198-Mar-19rescheduled
76BFP 02/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50APPM11-Mar-1929-Mar-19 
77BFP 03/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50PPM6-May-1924-May-19 
78BFP 04/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50PSM13-May-1931-May-19 
79BFP 05/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50PPM27-May-1914-Jun-19 
80BFP 06/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50APPM10-Jun-1928-Jun-19 
81BFP 07/19Group B Foundation Program 3 weeks50PRB17-Jun-195-Jul-19 
82BFP 08/19Group B Foundation Program3 weeks50APPM23-Sep-1911-Oct-19 
83BFP 09/19Group B Foundation Program3 weeks50PLM9-Oct-1925-Oct-19 
84BFP 10/19Group B Foundation Program3 weeks50PRB25-Nov-1913-Dec-19 
Group B Induction Programmes for Acconts, Personnel & Stores Officers 
85BIP 01/19Group B Induction Program (Stores)2 weeks15PIM15-Apr-1926-Apr-19 
86BIP 02/19Group B Induction Program (Personnel)2 weeks25APPM20-May-1931-May-19 
87BIP 03/18Group B Induction Program (Accounts)1 week20SPFI18-Nov-1922-Nov-19 
Law Courses  
88LAW 01/19 RTI & Gender Issues1 week20PLM22-Apr-1925-Apr-19rescheduled
89LAW 02/19 RTI & Gender Issues1 week20PLM1-Jul-195-Jul-19 
90LAW 03/19 RTI & Gender Issues1 week20PLM9-Dec-1913-Dec-19 
Safety courses  
91SFT 01/19Safety Course (JAG and Above officers)1 week20PSM25-Mar-1929-Mar-19rescheduled
92SFT 02/19Safety Course (For JS /SS officers)1 week20PSM6-May-1910-May-19 
93SFT 03/19Safety Course (upto JAG officers)1 week20PSM17-Jun-1921-Jun-19 
94SFT 04/19Safety Course (upto JAG officers)1 week20PSM1-Jul-195-Jul-19 
95SFT 05/19Safety Course (For JS/SS officers)1 week20PSM2-Dec-196-Dec-19 
Material Management Programmes 
96MM 01/19Refresher course for IRSS officers 2004 to 2008 batches1 week25SPMM6-May-1910-May-19 
97MM 02/19Refresher course for IRSS Officers 2014 to 2015 batches1 week25PIM8-Jul-1912-Jul-19 
98MM 03/19Refresher course for SAG officers1 week25SPMM30-Sep-194-Oct-19 
99MM 04/19Refresher course for IRSS 2009 to 2013 batches3 days25PIM9-Oct-1911-Oct-19 
100MM 05/19Refresher course for IRSS officers from 1997 to 2003 batches1 week25SPMM9-Dec-1913-Dec-19 
Human Resource Management 
101HRM 01/19Reservation Policy 1 week20PPM18-Mar-1922-Mar-19rescheduled
102HRM 02/19Discipline & Appeal Rules1 week20APPM1-Apr-195-Apr-19 
103HRM 03/19Refresher course for 2013 & 2014 exam batch IRPS officers1 week20PRM8-Jul-1912-Jul-19 
104HRM 04/19Refresher course for SS & JAG IRPS Officers1 week20PRM23-Sep-1927-Sep-19 
105HRM 05/19Discipline & Appeal Rules 1 week20PPM14-Oct-1918-Oct-19 
106HRM 06/19Discipline & Appeal Rules 1 week20APPM30-Dec-193-Jan-20 
Finance Management 
107FM 01/19Special Refresher Course for JAG level IRAS Officers1 week20PAM4-Feb-198-Feb-19 
108FM 02/19Refresher course for Sr.Scale IRAS officers1 week20PAM15-Apr-1918-Apr-19 
109FM 03/19Finance for non-finance1 week20SPFI6-May-1910-May-19 
110FM 04/19Refresher Course for 2014-15 IRAS batch1 week30PAM10-Jun-1914-Jun-19 
111FM 05/19Special Refresher Course for JAG level IRAS Officers1 week20PAM21-Oct-1925-Oct-19 
112FM 06/19Finance for non-finance1 week60SPFI2-Dec-196-Dec-19 
Hospital Management Programme 
113HM 01/19Course for DMOs2 weeks60PHM21-Jan-191-Feb-19 
114HM 02/19Senior Professional Course (SAG)1 week20SPHM5-Mar-198-Mar-19 
115HM 03/19Quality certificate course for Medical Officers (SAG)1 week20SPHM25-Mar-1929-Mar-19 
116HM 04/19Senior Professional Course (SAG)1 week20SPHM29-Apr-193-May-19 
117HM 05/19Refresher course for Medical Officers (GDMOs)1 week20SPHM20-May-1924-May-19rescheduled
118HM 06/19Hospital Management Program for JAG & above2 weeks20SPHM1-Jul-1912-Jul-19 
119HM 07/19Refresher course for Medical Officers (GDMOs)1 week20SPHM23-Sep-1927-Sep-19 
120HM 08/19Hospital Management Program for JAG & above2 weeks20SPHM14-Oct-1925-Oct-19 
121HM 09/19Quality certificate course for Medical Officers (SAG)1 week20SPHM2-Dec-196-Dec-19 
122HM 10/19Refresher course for Medical Officers (GDMOs)1 week20SPHM23-Dec-1927-Dec-19 
Common Training for Probationers 
123CTI 01/19IRAS, IRPS & IRSS probs. of MBA Project1 week21PRM18-Feb-1922-Feb-19 
124CTI 02/19Common Trg.for multi-disciplinary Probs. -Group 1 2 weeks60PAM15-Jul-1926-Jul-19 
125CTI 03/19Common Trg.for multi-disciplinary Probs. -Group 2 2 weeks60PIM29-Jul-199-Aug-19 
126CTI 04/19Common Trg.for multi-disciplinary Probs. -Group 3 2 weeks60PRM13-Aug-1923-Aug-19 
127CTI 05/19Common Trg.for multi-disciplinary Probs.- Group 4 2 weeks60PAM26-Aug-196-Sep-19 
128CTI 06/19Common Trg.for multi-disciplinary Probs. -Group 5 2 weeks60PIM9-Sep-1920-Sep-19 
129CTI 07/19Common Trg.for multi-disciplinary Probs. -Group 6 2 weeks60PAM23-Sep-194-Oct-19 
130CTI 08/19Curatain Raiser for IRPS, IRAS1 week50PRM9-Dec-1913-Dec-19 
Tenders & Contracts 
131TC 01/19Tenders & Contracts1 week20SPCE1-Apr-195-Apr-19 
132TC 02/19Tenders & Contracts1 week20PMS6-May-1910-May-19 
133TC 03/19Tenders & Contracts1 week20SPCE1-Jul-195-Jul-19 
134TC 04/19Tenders & Contracts1 week20SPFI23-Sep-1927-Sep-19 
135TC 05/19Tenders & Contracts1 week25PMS21-Oct-1925-Oct-19 
136TC 06/19Arbitration & ADR3 days25SPMM21-Oct-1923-Oct-19 
137TC 07/19Tenders & Contracts1 week25PMS9-Dec-1913-Dec-19 
Rajbhasha Courses 
138Raj 01/19Skill Development for Rajbhasha Officers 1 week20PRB29-Apr-193-May-19 
139Raj 02/19Skill Development for Rajbhasha Officers 1 week20PRB8-Jul-1912-Jul-19 
140Raj 03/19Skill Development for Rajbhasha Officers 3 days20PRB9-Oct-1911-Oct-19 
General Courses 
141Mgt 01/19Inter Services Sports &Cultural Meet3 days160SPMgt/SPFI25-Feb-1927-Feb-19 
142Mgt 02/19Inter Railway Sports Meet2 weeks60SPMgt27-May-197-Jun-19 
143Mgt 03/19Yoga and improved organizational performance3 days50SPFI03-Jun-1905-Jun-19 
144Mgt 04/19Course for PROs3 days25PCM10-Jun-1912-Jun-19 
145Mgt 05/19Yoga and improved organizational performance3 days50SPFI21-Oct-1923-Oct-19 
146Mgt 06/19Course for PROs3 days25PCM2-Dec-194-Dec-19 
Information Technology 
147IT 01/19Cloud computing & ICT usages in IR3 days20PNM15-Apr-1918-Apr-19rescheduled
148IT 02/19Emerging Information and Communication Technologies and IR3 days20PNM13-May-1915-May-19 
149IT 03/19Cloud computing & ICT usages in IR3 days20PIT9-Oct-1911-Oct-19 
150IT 04/19IT applications and its usage in Safety and Maintenance3 days20PNM4-Nov-196-Nov-19 
151IT 05/18Role of IT in future of IR3 days20PNM2-Dec-194-Dec-19 
Training for Trainers 
152ToT 01/19Training for Trainers for Gaz. Officers1 week20PLM10-Jun-1914-Jun-19 
153ToT 02/19Training for Trainers for Gaz. Officers1 week20PLM18-Nov-1922-Nov-19 
Special Courses for Non- Rly Executives 
154SPL 01/19BIMSTEC Course2 weeks20SPMgt5-Mar-1915-Mar-19rescheduled
155SPL 02/19Course for Audit Officers1 week25SPFM18-Feb-1922-Feb-19 
156SPL 03/19BIMSTEC Course2 weeks20SPMgt9-Oct-1918-Oct-19 
157SPL 04/19Program for NTPC executives1 week25SPTM14-Oct-1918-Oct-19 
158SPL 05/19Special Foundation Course for KRCL officers4 weeks4PIT15-01-201908-02-2019Newly added
159SPL 06/19Special course on Material Mgt. 1 week10SPMM01-04-201905-04-2019Newly added
160Seminar 01/19Conference on Railway Air Conditioning (CONRAC)-20191 day30DDG/PEE15-04-201915-04-2019Newly added
161Seminar 02/19Seminar on Dedicated Freight Corridor1 day50SPMgt/PIT18-Apr-1918-Apr-19Newly added
161Seminar 03/19Workshop on Industry 4.0 standards1 day30DDG/SPME29-04-201929-04-2019Newly added
162Seminar 04/19Seminar on Urban Transporation System - Trends in Metro Railways & Intercity Transportation Systems1 days50SPMgt/PIT3-May-193-May-19Newly added

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